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So… A lot of you are talking about those DMs that a fan sent to Liam last night regarding Duck Dynasty. And while I will say that I think she really veered off track by mentioning Harry and his “good works” — because that “Harry is a feminist prince” shit has to DIE and him holding up that “he for she” sign really just fueled the fire — she did have valid points before that. And I realize now that she has said some things in the past before this that I absolutely do not condone. So rather than looking at this as me defending her (because I’m not) look at it as a general statement about Liam.

The truth of the matter is that Liam, whether he likes it or not, is a public figure with millions of young impressionable fans hanging onto his every word and action. For him to continue to PUBLICLY support a family that blatantly and unapologetically advocates homophobia, racism, and tons of other forms of discrimination is extremely disheartening and disappointing.

The first time he publicly spoke about them and got burned, I thought that he would have learned to just leave them alone and enjoy them and their show privately (if at all…), but apparently not. And I can’t even begin to express how dumb it was for him to take a picture with them all holding GUNS. It’s just… yeah.

And whenever someone calls Liam out (as they should) he automatically takes the defensive role. Which I guess is only natural, but as it has happened many times by now, I’m a little tired of how he chooses to respond.

For example, in this most recent message he says that he never said that he agreed with what the people on DD said/did. And I know that everyone has their differences and sometimes we can learn to get along cordially with others despite those differences but they have made some SERIOUSLY fucked up statements. I honestly cannot comprehend why someone would WANT to look past those differences. They don’t stand for anything positive.

Also, even though he hasn’t said that he agrees with them, he IS supporting them and their brand by appearing publicly with them. He is deeming them worthy of his attention by hanging out with them. And obviously conveniently sweeping their indiscretions under the rug by doing so. Which is fucked up in my opinion.

He goes on to say that he works hard to make people smile everyday… which is fucking irrelevant and does not have anything to do with what the original argument said. That doesn’t absolve him of any guilt or any wrongdoing or poor judgment. It’s a cop out, plain and simple.

He then says that it is unfair that he is being made out to be a bad person because he likes a tv show. Liam. This isn’t about the tv show. It’s about what these people have said and done in real life. We know it’s also a tv show, but it’s a REALITY show, they’re real people who have said real, fucked up things.

Overall, I’m just kind of done with Liam’s blatant dismissal of this issue and then his defensiveness whenever someone comes at him with a valid argument or complaint about his actions. Also, I’m sick of the excuse that he doesn’t know how to express himself or that he doesn’t know what he’s doing or saying when he tweets this stuff. He’s 21. He’s not a child. And if he wants full control of his twitter he should be able to express himself in a way that is clear. Of course I know this is not always possible, and I have come across the wrong way on twitter or tumblr MANY times but I HAVE tried to correct myself afterwards. And Liam has not.

If there are any Liam stans reading this who want to tear me to shreds, feel free I guess. I don’t hate Liam. I would still consider him to be my second favorite member of 1D. However, I cannot deal with the DD stuff, the constant coddling he receives from fans, the notion that he is unable to make clear what he does and doesn’t stand for, and just his blatant ignorance in regards to this issue. And I just had to voice my opinion because I don’t speak out on a lot of things, but this has been brewing for a while.

And Harry ain’t a feminist, y’all. Stop that.


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